Homeowners Insurance

When protecting one of your biggest assets, your home, against disasters like fire, wind, theft, hail, etc., a quality insurance company is important.  Coveryou.com has several high quality insurance companies that we can offer to provide the comprehensive coverage needed.  Many of the insurance companies would like bundle your auto with your home, which is an advantage to you by providing additional savings and program options. 

Floods are not covered under your homeowners insurance and requires a separate Flood policy.  If your property is located near a creek, river or any mass of water you maybe required, by your mortgage company, to have one.  Having some level of a Flood insurance policy is always a safe idea.

We also offer additional insurance products that can cover you rental properties, condos, and renter's insurance.

Coveryou.com takes the time to listen to what you need and finds the best policy at the most competitive price we have available.

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State of Georgia has recently approved significant rate increase on Homeowners Insurance for several insurance companies.  These approved rates are in excess of 20%.  Call Us Today for a quote, we can provide you options.